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Bio ch 33 terms 6 - (muh-du-suh) The floating, flattened,...

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pill bugs, or wood lice. Mandible One of a pair of jaw-like feeding appendages found in myriapods, hexapods, and crustaceans. Mantle One of the three main parts of a mollusc; a fold of tissue that drapes over the mollusc’s visceral mass and may secrete a shell. See also foot, visceral mass. mantle cavity A water-filled chamber that houses the gills, anus, and excretory pores of a mollusc. Medusa
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Unformatted text preview: (muh-du-suh) The floating, flattened, mouth-down version of the cnidarian body plan. The alternate form is the polyp. Mesohyl (mez'-o-hil) A gelatinous region between the two layers of cells of a sponge. Myriapod (mir'-e-uh-pod') A terrestrial arthropod with many body segments and one or two pairs of legs per segment. Millipedes and centipedes comprise the two classes of living myriapods....
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