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Spongocoel (spon´-jo-sel) The central cavity of a sponge. suspension feeder An aquatic animal, such as a sponge, clam, or baleen whale, that feeds by sifting small food particles from the water. Torsion In gastropods, a developmental process in which the visceral mass rotates up to 180°, causing the animal’s anus and mantle cavity to be positioned above its head. trochophore larva (tro´-kuh-for) Distinctive larval stage
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Unformatted text preview: observed in some lophotrochozoan animals, including some annelids and molluscs. tube foot One of numerous extensions of an echinoderm’s water vascular system. Tube feet function in locomotion, feeding, and gas exchange. visceral mass One of the three main parts of a mollusc; the part containing most of the internal organs. See also foot, mantle....
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