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humans). Archosaur (ar'-ko-sor) Member of the reptilian group that includes crocodiles, alligators, dinosaurs, and birds. Bone A connective tissue consisting of living cells held in a rigid matrix of collagen fibers embedded in calcium salts. Carnivore An animal that mainly eats other animals. Chondrichthyan (kon-drik'-the-an) Member of the class Chondrichthyes, vertebrates with skeletons made mostly of cartilage, such as sharks and rays.
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Unformatted text preview: Chordate Member of the phylum Chordata, animals that at some point during their development have a notochord; a dorsal, hollow nerve cord; pharyngeal slits or clefts; and a muscular, post-anal tail. Chorion (kor´-e-on) The outermost of four extraembryonic membranes. It functions in gas exchange and contributes to the formation of the mammalian placenta....
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