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Bio ch 34 terms 5

Bio ch 34 terms 5 - Mammal Member of the class Mammalia...

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detects water movements made by the animal itself and by other moving objects. Lepidosaur (leh-pid'-uh-sor) Member of the reptilian group that includes lizards, snakes, and two species of New Zealand animals called tuataras. lobe-fin Member of the vertebrate subgroup Sarcopterygii, osteichthyans with rod-shaped muscular fins, including coelacanths and lungfishes as well as the lineage that gave rise to tetrapods.
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Unformatted text preview: Mammal Member of the class Mammalia, amniotes with mammary glands—glands that produce milk. mammary glands Exocrine glands that secrete milk to nourish the young. These glands are characteristic of mammals. Marsupial (mar-su´-pe-ul) A mammal, such as a koala, kangaroo, or opossum, whose young complete their embryonic development inside a maternal pouch called the marsupium....
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