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Bio ch 34 terms 6 - neural crest cells In vertebrates...

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Unformatted text preview: neural crest cells In vertebrates, groups of cells along the sides of the neural tube where it pinches off from the ectoderm. The cells migrate to various parts of the embryo and form pigment cells in the skin and parts of the skull, teeth, adrenal glands, and peripheral nervous system. Notochord (no'-tuh-kord') A longitudinal, flexible rod made of tightly packed mesodermal cells that runs along the anterior-posterior axis of a chordate in the dorsal part of the body. Operculum (o-per'-kyuh-lum) In aquatic osteichthyans, a protective bony flap that covers and protects the gills. opposable thumb A thumb that can touch the ventral surface of the fingertips of all four fingers. Osteichthyan (os'-te-ik'-the-an) Member of a vertebrate subgroup with jaws and mostly bony skeletons. Oviparous (o-vip´-uh-rus) Referring to a type of development in which young hatch from eggs laid outside the mother’s body. ...
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