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Bio ch 34 terms 7 - herbivores died out in the late...

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Ovoviviparous (o´-vo-vi-vip´-uh-rus) Referring to a type of development in which young hatch from eggs that are retained in the mother’s uterus. Paedomorphosis (pe´-duh-mor´-fuh-sis) The retention in an adult organism of the juvenile features of its evolutionary ancestors. Paleoanthropology The study of human origins and evolution. Parareptile First major group of reptiles to emerge, consisting mostly of large, stocky quadrupedal
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Unformatted text preview: herbivores; died out in the late Triassic period. pharyngeal cleft (fuh-rin'-je-ul) In chordate embryos, one of the grooves that separate a series of pouches along the sides of the pharynx and may develop into a pharyngeal slit. pharyngeal slit (fuh-rin'-je-ul) In chordate embryos, one of the slits that form from the pharyngeal clefts and communicate to the outside, later developing into gill slits in many vertebrates....
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