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Bio ch 51 terms 2 - Blastocoel(blas´-tuh-sel The...

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Unformatted text preview: Blastocoel (blas´-tuh-sel) The fluid-filled cavity that forms in the center of a blastula. Blastomere An early embryonic cell arising during the cleavage stage of an early embryo. circadian rhythm (ser-ka´-de-un) A physiological cycle of about 24 hours that is present in all eukaryotic organisms and that persists even in the absence of external cues. classical conditioning A type of associative learning in which an arbitrary stimulus becomes associated with a particular outcome. coefficient of relatedness The fraction of genes that, on average, are shared by two individuals. Cognition The process of knowing that may include awareness, reasoning, recollection, and judgment. cognitive map A neural representation of the abstract spatial relationships between objects in an animal’s surroundings. ...
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