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Bio ch 51 terms 6

Bio ch 51 terms 6 - grow in a lab Monogamous(muh-nog-uh-mus...

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Learning The modification of behavior based on specific experiences. mate choice copying Behavior in which individuals in a population copy the mate choice of others, apparently as a result of social learning. Migration A regular, long-distance change in location. model organism A particular species chosen for research into broad biological principles because it is representative of a larger group and usually easy to
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Unformatted text preview: grow in a lab. Monogamous (muh-nog'-uh-mus) Referring to a type of relationship in which one male mates with just one female. operant conditioning (op´-er-ent) A type of associative learning in which an animal learns to associate one of its own behaviors with a reward or punishment and then tends to repeat or avoid that behavior; also called trial-and-error learning....
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