Chapter 28 Key Terms 6

Chapter 28 Key Terms 6 - eukaryotes proposed in a current...

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covered with fine, hairlike projections) is paired with a shorter, smooth flagellum. thallus - (plural, thalli) A seaweed body that is plantlike, consisting of a holdfast, stipe, and blades, yet lacks true roots, stems, and leaves. unikonta - (yu'-ni-kon'-tuh) One of five supergroups of
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Unformatted text preview: eukaryotes proposed in a current hypothesis of the evolutionary history of eukaryotes. This clade, which is supported by studies of myosin proteins and DNA, consists of amoebozoans and opisthokonts. See also Excavata, Chromalveolata, Rhizaria, and Archaeplastida....
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