Week 1 Checkpoint McCarthyism

Week 1 Checkpoint McCarthyism - communist thought....

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MCCARTHYISM Week 1 Checkpoint McCarthyism Charlotte Adams February 24, 2011 HIS 135 Paul Sunderman
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MCCARTHYISM Joseph McCarthy was a Republican Wisconsin senator in 1950 that chose to use lies and truth distortion to excel in politics, and saw the American people’s fear of communism as a tool to obtain the higher position he craved. Joseph McCarthy preyed upon people’s fear to reach his goals. He created a false list of names of members of the State Department he accused of being communists, and pushed the concept that America was full of communists. He forced the belief that liberals were to blame for the problems in the country, and left-wing ideals were the result of
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Unformatted text preview: communist thought. McCarthys actions produced a panic effect throughout the nation, and Government officials scrutinized the American citizens. Certain libraries removed literature the proprietors deemed objectionable, and officials looked into many individuals musical interests and reading material, analyzing it to determine if the person had communist alliances. MCCARTHYISM REFERENCES Davidson, et al. (2005). Nation of nations: A concise narrative of the American republic (4 th ed). Upper Saddle River, N.J. McGraw-Hill....
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Week 1 Checkpoint McCarthyism - communist thought....

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