Kennedys New Frontier

Kennedys New Frontier - Leader Khrushchev came to an...

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Kennedy’s New Frontier Kennedy’s New Frontier Charlotte Adams March 10, 2011 HIS 135 Paul Sunderman
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Kennedy’s New Frontier While campaigning for the Presidency, John Fitzgerald Kennedy proposed changes and promised a New Frontier to the American people (Davidson, et al., 2005). With this pitch, and Vice President Nixon having a few setbacks within his campaign, Kennedy won the 1960 Presidential election. Kennedy hoped his New Frontier would end the war with the Soviet Union, and progress to a simple, equal life for all Americans. President Kennedy succeeded in cooling the war boiling between the United States and the Communist Soviet Union. When rumors of secret Soviet nuclear missile bases in Cuba circulated and proved valid, Kennedy was furious, and he considered an airborne attack on the missile bases. Thinking of the safety of people in the United States, Kennedy chose to control traffic of military supplies into Cuba (Davidson, et al., 2005). After a while, Kennedy and Soviet
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Unformatted text preview: Leader, Khrushchev, came to an agreement that the Soviets would remove the missiles from Cuba, and the Americans would not attack Cuba. Another achievement Kennedy reached during his short Presidency was convincing Unions to restrict pay raises not based on employee efficiency. This backfired when large steel companies inflated steel prices drastically (Davidson, et al., 2005). While he did accomplish much for the American people, one main factor stood in the way of President Kennedy reaching his goals as President, Congress. Kennedy was a liberal Democrat. His Congressional Cabinet, although many were Democrats as well, were far more conservative than the President. Congress controlled which bills and laws passed, and while Kennedy helped some poverty-stricken areas, he could not get Congress to agree with his views on education and healthcare....
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Kennedys New Frontier - Leader Khrushchev came to an...

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