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SOME BASIC QUESTIONS FOR EXAMINING A PROBLEM – Stages 1 through 3 Stage 1 What is happening? What can we observe? Where and when did/does this occur? How frequently? Under what conditions? When did it first occur? In what ways and at what rate has the phenomenon changed or is changing? Stage 2 What’s good and bad about what’s happening? What seem to be the immediate causes or triggers which initiate this? Long-term causes? Contributing factors? What outcome do we predict will happen? How could we express/depict the problem? For whom is this a problem? How Sdoes each party perceive it? According to what desires or values is this a problem? How BIG a problem is it? Are there some good things about it? What other problems or phenomena is this related to? Is this a manifestation of a different or deeper or more widespread problem?
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Unformatted text preview: What would a good solution need to do? According to whose goals and values? How have problems like this been solved in the past, and how well did those solutions work? Why might this problem not yet have been solved? What obstacles stand in the way of solution? Stage 3 What are our options? What would each one look like? What would each option cost in time, money, effort, or other resources? What kinds of preparation would each option require? Who would have to be in support of it, and how will we know whether they really do support it? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each option? What are the assumptions behind each option? What are the values or philosophies underlying each option? How will each option overcome the existing obstacles? Which option will we choose? Can we use more than one?...
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