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Sixth College Core Sequence WORD CHOICE Different audiences have different expectations for writing, and this is especially true about word choice. Even if a published scientific article used the same sentence structure as a newspaper article about politics or a contemporary novel, the words themselves would be totally different. There are multiple dimensions to choosing a word. If you were shopping for a car, you might be choosing from a list of rather similar vehicles, but you’d think about a lot of different ways of comparing them: color, fuel economy, upholstery, horsepower, etc. Choosing words is like that; often, you’re considering a set of words that say sort of the same thing, but not exactly. Here are some of the dimensions on which they can differ. Denotation. What does the word actually mean? Be careful you aren’t using words that simply mean the wrong thing. Connotations. Mind-mapping diagrams are useful here. Language level.
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