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Organizational Diagnosis - O1 Organizational Diagnosis...

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O 1 Organizational Diagnosis Organizational Diagnosis Mary J Merrill MGT 435 Organizational change Janice Flegle May 6, 2011
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O 2 Organizational Diagnosis Organizational Diagnosis is an effective way to look at the inner goings on of an organization to determine where the short falls lie when it comes to achieving its goals. According to an article I found, “In recent years organizational diagnosis has evolved from a technique used as part of the organizational development process to a major technique in its own right.” ( organizationaldiagnosis and development) Effective diagnosis can be made by a player in the organization but I feel would better be made by a person without bias of the outcome. First I find out what the company or departments goals are. I will then take a look at the organization to see what it does and does not do currently. The next step through analysis and interpretation I will come to a conclusion. I will then make my suggestions for change implementation to the owners of the company based on my findings. “For strategic renewal to be effective, organizations need to do more than announce a new strategy. Leaders need to align internal processes, structures, and systems with the demands of that new strategy. New organizational capabilities— talents and skills possessed by employees— need to be built. Underlying all those shifts is the requirement to engage in discontinuous change: large- scale, long- term reorientation of most or all of the central aspects of organizational life. The goal is to create lasting alterations in patterns of employee behavior in order to support strategic renewal.” (Spector, Pg. 5) I will be diagnosing the company I just left, but worked for, the past 3 years. They are a distributor of abrasive products. The company is a small business with fewer than 50 employees, and has been in business for 51 years. There are three owners all new within the past 5 years.
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Organizational Diagnosis - O1 Organizational Diagnosis...

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