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Population : A set of existing units (people, objects or events) Variable : Any characteristic of the population Census : An examination all of the population of measurements Sample : A subset of the units of a population Quantitative Versus Qualitative Quantitative : Measurements that represent quantities (Annual starting salary, Gasoline mileage) Qualitative : A descriptive category to which a population unit belongs: a descriptive attribute of a population unit (A person’s gender is qualitative, Make of automobile) Population of Measurements Measurement of the variable of interest for each and every population unit Sometimes referred to as an observation (For example, annual starting salaries of all graduates from last year’s MBA program) Census : The process of collecting the population of all measurements Sample : A subset of population units Descriptive Statistics Descriptive Statistics : The science of describing the important aspects of a set of measurements Statistical Inference : is the science of using a sample of measurements to make generalizations about the important aspects of a population of measurements. Random Sample : Selected so that, on each selection from the population, every unit remaining in the population on that selection has the same chance of being chosen Sample with replacement- units can be picked more than once Sample without replacement – each units is picked and withheld – cant be picked more than once- customary sampling method. Approximately Random Samples In general, must make a list identifying each and every individual
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