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Chapter 1 pp - Chapter 1 pp.46-52 Exploring changes in...

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Chapter 1 pp.46-52 Exploring changes in International Regimes: Institutionalism Institutionalism was inspired by the observations and arguments made by scholars of IPE (international Political Economy) in their work on international regimes. Realist belief was that it took the concentration of power in the hands of a single actor to create some semblance of order in the international system once power becomes decentralized that semblance of order is lost. The Core Assumptions of Rationalist Institutionalism 1. Actors are self-interested, rational utility maximizers 2. International regimes can facilitate the making of agreements by actors 3. Actors are interested in the pursuit of goals which are not always zero-sum in nature 1970s – Realists expected international practices to become increasingly disordered as time went on. 1980s- the U.S continued to decline economically and was weaker then a decade earlier. This sparked other explanations other than the view of realists. Robert Keohane drew on the literature on domestic institutions to argue that regimes providing useful purposes would be maintained by the participants-without the sanctioning of a hegemonic power. Institutionalism based on the rationalist perspective explains the creation and persistence of international institutions by viewing them as mechanisms for actors to ensure that their joint activity leads to outcomes they prefer. Art Stein analyzed such actions as two sorts of problems: dilemmas o common interest and dilemmas of common aversion. Dilemmas of common interest
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Chapter 1 pp - Chapter 1 pp.46-52 Exploring changes in...

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