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Christopher Dunn, “Premiers and Cabinets” pg. 215-233 *Not too much info in this chapter. Just a lot of examples from each province. Premiers and Cabinets: Federal and Provincial Comparisons Similarities o Conventional and political powers. Premiers and PM are the only one with ability to choose cabinet ministers o Cabinet formation PM or premier will advise the governor on who shall be selected as ministers in the new government General practice: choose ministers from among those who have been elected to the House o Individual ministerial responsibilities Minister is responsible to the House for the proper leadership of
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Unformatted text preview: a government department o Collective responsibility Responsibility of the Cabinet to the monarch, to itself, and to the elected House • Differences o Size of cabinet Degree to which the size of the cabinet can be and is used as a control mechanism in the provincial context. Federal Cabinets usually compromise around 10% of the size of the House. Much larger percentage of the provincial assembly. o Integration of caucus in cabinet Provincial cabinets are more likely than a federal one to integrate the caucus into a meaningful policy development role...
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