Kenneth Waltz,Neorealism, Confusions and Criticisms

Kenneth Waltz,Neorealism, Confusions and Criticisms -...

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Neorealism: Confusions and Criticisms: Kenneth Waltz Introduction: Theory: mental picture of a domain: picture shows how the domain is organized and how its parts are connected: o Should not be criticized for its omission: theories are mostly omissions Structure or international politics: sparsely defined as anarchy: the ordering principle of the realm and by the distribution of capabilities across states Theory: instrument to explain “the real world” and make predictions about it: o Theories do not predict: people do Criticism: new realism is simply old realism made rigorous: o Traditional realists: behavioralists: believe international outcomes are determined by decisions of states, the behaving units Causation: goes in one direction (internal composition of the states to the outcomes their behaviors produce) o New realism: turns old realism upside down: Old realism: behavioral (good states produce good outcomes) New realism: structural: outcomes depend on the qualities of states and also on variation of structure within which their actions occur Most common criticism of structural theory: fails to include consideration of effects of the policies and behaviors of states on international politics: o Is true: states are omitted from structural theory: Structural theory: theory about international politics, not theory about foreign policy Neorealist theory of international politics: explains how external forces
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Kenneth Waltz,Neorealism, Confusions and Criticisms -...

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