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Friday January 7 th Lecture #2 Theories begin with assumption - Theories are built on assumptions - Assumptions shape the qualities of each theory - Assumption: something we assume to be true o We assume something to be true, because we know it is not always true - How do we test an assumption? o Testing theories Grouping Theories by their Shared Assumptions By paradigm – can mean an example or approach Categorizing Theories by Paradigm Idealism Realism Liberalism Marxism Institutionalism Constructivism Categorizing Theories by Level-of-Analysis Social sciences typically divide their subjects into levels, depending on the phenomena they are studying In international relations, we can also divide by the levels where we find politics – where we locate the key actors. Categorizing Theories by Levels Systemic level Domestic level Bureaucratic level Individual level The Beginnings of Theorizing in International Relations Early 1900s; origin of political science as its own social science
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Lecture%202%20-%20Jan%207 - Friday January 7th Lecture #2...

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