March31 - POLI 243 *note the similar things driving...

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March 31, 2009 POLI 243 Japan and International Monetary Cooperation The Plaza and Louvre Accords *note the similar things driving decisions by Japan and Germany Conflict between the U.S. and Japan - Historically the Yen had been undervalued o After the war, the U.S. took similar attitudes towards the countries it occupied (Germany, Japan) They made the decisions about where to value currencies in Bretton-Woods, and they wanted to give Europe an advantage so it could recover and help them against the USSR Thus, they purposely encouraged countries in Europe to go into Bretton-Woods with undervalued currencies to help them recover postwar (made them competitive in exports like EOI does) - Both West Germany and Japan had large increase in export o However, the difference was in the goods: Japan’s goods were known for being cheap, labor-intensive, manufactured goods (not known for high quality or high complexity) - U.S. monetary policy shifted in the late 1970s and early 1980s to combat inflation o Bretton-woods falls apart, so there is a move to floating exchange rate (market pressures should push U.S. dollar down and Yen up – this happens somewhat, but not entirely) o Why don’t the values get totally reconciled? Japanese gov’t liked values where they were (if the currency was
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March31 - POLI 243 *note the similar things driving...

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