Poli 243 notes Feb 12

Poli 243 notes Feb 12 - Feb 12, 2009 POLI 243: Econ...

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Feb 12, 2009 POLI 243: Econ Relations MIDTERM: Thursday – 9:00am - Check past midterms on webct - This midterm is primarily abstract – 2 nd midterm will be more historical analysis - IDS: 2 or 5 on midterm o 5 points of significance – things that are relevant to the class; doesn’t have to be 5 sentences, can be more than one pt per sentence so it could be shorter - Essays: o How do you apply a theory, how easy would it be, what evidence would it need, how generalizable is it, etc o Define theories/models first (i.e. explain realism, then apply it and analyze) – don’t just assume that theta “knows” what realism is – explain it anyways, they are testing knowledge so you have to show you really know it - If you can cite readings for particular approaches, you will do better – no specific questions about one reading or another on this midterm, but it will help if you know them well/authors, etc. The Politics of International Monetary Relations International Media of Exchange The Functions of Money - Why money helps markets work better: o Money serves as: A unit of measure (for value) A medium of exchange – it is easier to give people money for stuff than trying to trade directly A store of value (you can keep it forever, it doesn’t rot like food…etc)
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Poli 243 notes Feb 12 - Feb 12, 2009 POLI 243: Econ...

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