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POLI 243 notes March 5

POLI 243 notes March 5 - March 5th 2009 POLI 243 Intl Econ...

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March 5 th , 2009 POLI 243 – Int’l Econ Relations The Reciprocity Election of 1911 Laurier’s failure to liberalize trade Liberals Reinterpret the National Policy - 1896 Laurier leads the Liberals to power; promises more liberalized trade and finding export markets for Canada - Crow’s Nest Pass Agreement o First alteration to the National Policy – negotiated an agreement with CPR to actually do what it was supposed to do (less exercise of monopolistic powers) Lower rates for settlers to travel to the provinces, lower rates for farmers to ship grain, required them to either use or sell the land they had been given… In general, made the CPR actually serve the purposes it had originally been intended to - Laurier’s government seeks more immigrants o Advertising in Eastern Europe, setting up offices abroad to attract immigrants o Clifford Sifton appointed to oversee this – he decides that they will only go after people who already know how to farm; they are offering farmers ownership of
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