POLI 243 Syllabus

POLI 243 Syllabus - Prof. Brawley Poli 243 330 Leacock...

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Prof. Brawley Poli 243 330 Leacock Winter 2009 Office Hours: Tu.& Th, 10:30-11:30 McGill Univ. International Politics of Economic Relations Course Description: This course is intended as an introduction to the study of international relations, with a focus on explanations of state policy in the international political economy. In other words, the theoretical approaches we will explore are essential to the study of international politics more broadly, but our applications will be in the area of the international politics of economic relations. Explanations of foreign economic policies are drawn from a variety of sources; students will learn about numerous theories, how useful they are for answering different sorts of questions, as well as ways to organize, analyze, test, and synthesize theories. After the introduction, the course is divided into three parts: in the first section, we will explore different theoretical perspectives on the explanation of foreign economic policy, there is a brief discussion of the issues in international political economy, and then in the third section we will apply the theories to more specific issue-areas and cases in order to contrast and compare them. Required Text: There is one textbook, plus assigned readings available on JSTOR and WebCT. The textbook is available at the bookstore. It is also on reserve at the library. The required text is: Mark R. Brawley, Power, Money and Trade , Broadview Press, 2005 Course Requirements: The mark for the course is based on participation in conferences led by the T.A.s (10%), two
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POLI 243 Syllabus - Prof. Brawley Poli 243 330 Leacock...

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