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power, money and trade chapter4

power, money and trade chapter4 - Power Money and Trade...

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Power, Money, and Trade – Chapter 4 Bureaucratic Politics Included in the individual analysis level (the other being idiosyncratic analysis). Duty and obligations determine the behaviour of individuals. The state is composed of disparate groups or organizations, with varied goals and policies. o These may work well or undermine each other. The example presented is the US military’s purchasing of aircraft. o The Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines all have and operate helicopters and airplanes. o This results in an overabundance of some types of weaponryand overlapping responsibilities: inefficient and wasteful. For example, Allisonon set out three models to explain the Cuban Missile Crisis. o i. System-level argument (state as a single, unitary and rational actor) o ii Prototype for bureaucratic politics o iii. Foreign policy was the result of the struggle of actors within the government.
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