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Class One - Notes - Terresterial Planets...

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- [email protected] o Final Exam 100 MC 30 T/F (with Penalty) 6 Short Answer 1 opinion o 5 quizes Feb 2, 16 March 2, 16, 30 (Last one is review!) o News + Highlights can be asked for test questions - Why do seasons change? o NOT: The earth’s rotation around the sun is not an exaggerated ellipse which when closer to the sun is summer and further away is winter. o Seasons change based on the earth’s axis tilt. **ADD MORE** - Birth of our solar system o Started 4½ billion years ago o Earth a ball of rock, collided with another planet, shattered rock from the collision fell all over planet. o Some debris was captured by gravity around the earth. This debris collided into each other over an extended period of time, fuzing into our eventual moon. The Moon’s gravity tilts over planet giving us the seasons and creating tides. o The Sun is a start, dark sports are sun spots (often the size of our earth) which are the coolest spots on the sun. Solar flares are the result of collisions between tiny protons which
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Class One - Notes - Terresterial Planets...

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