Test 3 TP

Test 3 TP - 1. Fires of the sun comes from Hydrogen to...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Fires of the sun comes from Hydrogen to Helium fusion 2. Elements past I ron were made in the R-process type 2 supernoval explosion 3. Main asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter 4. Planets 5. Heat capacity of rock is ¼ that of water. 6. Fire ignited of sun about 4.6 billion years ago 7. Venus atmosphere is 100x denser than Earth’s, 96.5% CO2 8. Venus, Uranus and Pluto rotate in a sense opposite to their revolution 9. Uranus and Neptune are Water Giants 10. Ceres is main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter 11. Cold accretion needs Al to Magneiusm 12.Water is not found on Moon and Venus 13. Different atmospheres of planets 14. Atmosphere pressure on Mars for water is only enough at the depth of Hellas Planitia. Pressure is just at such a point where water cannot last as a liquid 15. Earth has highest density 16. Venus hottest 17. Venus densest atomsohper 18. Mercury most i ron by percentage, Earth most numerical 19. Mercury and venus lack moons 20.Oldest rocks on earth are 4.44 billion years 21. Planets by size: Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Moon 22.Mercury spins 3 t imes on axis every 2 revolutions 23.Radius of earth is 6371 km, circumference is 40,000 km. 24.Jupiter and Saturn were largest enough to hold light elements 25.Earth has quickest rotation period (Mars 25 hours, moon 27, mercury 53, venus 243) 26.Earth’s moon quickest revolution (then mercury, venus, earth, mears) 27. Jupiter is heaviest planet (Sun is 99% of total mass, half of rest is Jupiter) 28.Pluto has least mass 29.Earth is the most dense planet, Saturn is the least 30.Earth has most i ron ...
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Test 3 TP - 1. Fires of the sun comes from Hydrogen to...

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