Test 3 - 10.MgFe ration of olivine xenoliths basaltic flow...

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Test #3 1. The past-Iron elements were made in the R-Process, through a Type 2 Supernovae 2. Cold accretion turns Aluminium into Magnesium. Heat accretion by heated by gravity, and the Big Whack impact. 3. Moon and Mercury have no atmosphere, Venus 96% CO 2 , Earth 96% Nitrogen 4. Earth has quickest revolution, Moon is 25 hours 5. Earth has most Iron, Mercury has most Iron as a % 6. Henriette Levitt: Cepheid Variable (speed of recession, distance between two galaxies) 7. Hertzsprung-Russell “Main Sequence Stars” more stars are in the hydrogen to helium burning stage. As you move further down, stars become bigger, brighter, cooler. 8. Moon has only 9% Iron, Earth’s mantle is 5% iron, thus earth was differentiated at the time of the Big Whack. 9. Olivine: 35% Fe, 30% O, 15% Si, 10% Mg (by mass)
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Unformatted text preview: 10.MgFe ration of olivine xenoliths basaltic flow is 9:1. 11.Diameter of Sun is 100 earths 12.Oxygen easily combines with metals and silicates? 13.30-120 million years of earth before Big Whack 14.Moon is 4.4 billion years old/4.4127 15.Rotate = day length turn on an axis. Revolution is an orbit. 16.Atmosphere is N, O, Ar, H 2 O, CO 2 17.Most iron is in the core, 80% of mass is in the mantle. 18.Oceans weight more than atmosphere 19.10x Argon than CO 2 20.No water on Venus or Moon 21.Radius of inner core is 1250km 22.Lots of Cobalt and Nickle (just pass Fe on peridodical elements) 23.Big Whack: 4.42 billion years ago 24.Todays heat is from K to Ar and Calcium 25.Mantle is O, Mg, Si, Fe 26.Titon has water...
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Test 3 - 10.MgFe ration of olivine xenoliths basaltic flow...

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