Chapter 11 – Health Food Buisness

Chapter 11 – Health Food Buisness - Chapter...

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Chapter 11 – Health Food Business - Hippocrates first health conscious doctor o Recommended flax (good laxative + omega 3). Sought to cure rather than prevent. Prevent only came around in the 1800s - Sylvester Graham first “nutritionist” o Recommended no meat, spices, caffeine, alcohol, doctors o Graham crackers introduce as first anti-sex food - Natural: Has no legal meaning - accepted as food without additives. o Not everything natural is good – Connine is a natural. o Organic is of higher costs. Lack of strong pesticides mean yields are lower. Organic has no additives, no chemical fertilizers, no synthetic pesticides, no genetically mutated components. - Three reasons to buy organic o It doesn’t contain inorganic pesticides Apples can have to 36 pesticides. However, organic peticeis like rotenone (from the derris plant) is linked to Parkinson’s. Bacillus Thuringiensis is a bacteria used against insects. Typically we insert this gene into the plant but organic farmers spray it onto the plants and expose it to the consumers. For adults this has no effect but possible benefit for young children o IT has more nutrients
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Determined by soil quality, variety type, crop rotations, fertilizers, maturity at harvest, transportation Tested tomatoes for syclicic acid (prevents blood clot formation – found in aspirin). There is 6 times more but the amount is insignificant. Manure is often used – filled with contamination. Ad the says Chickens fed with soybeans and lack hormones. Both are always true…. Harvey and Marylin Diamond are both from Fit for Life. o Better environmentally This last one is true. - Herbal remedies have always been used o Chelsey Physics Garden in London founded in 1673. o
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Chapter 11 – Health Food Buisness - Chapter...

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