Chapter 12 – Chocolate

Chapter 12 – Chocolate - Chapter 12 Chocolate +...

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Chapter 12 – Chocolate + Cooking - 30% of men and 38% of women take chocolate over sex o Contains 500 chemicals. People like texture as it melts at 36 Celsius. Our mouths are about 37. o Theobroma Cacao is the cacao tree. (Means food of the Gods) o Aztecs called its Xocoatl (used in religious ceremonies, very bitter) o People drank it as a beverage with added sugar or spices - People consume about 10 pounds of chocolate each year - How is it produced? o Cocoa flower is pollinated, pod forms on middle of tree, pods harvested and opened, sit in sun where they ferment and sugar is converted to alcohol then to acetic acid and then esters (which gives chocolate its unique flavor). Then beans dry, then roasted to promote the Maillard Reaction which involves protein and sugar – helps with flavor. Then shells removed to produce “nibs” of chocolate which make chocolate liquor (melted chocolate, no alcohol). Then cooled down to make baking chocolate. - Originally chocolate was bitter and fatty o 1828: Van houten separates cocoa butter (fat) from the powered using a compressor. Chocolate is 50% fat. Used the DUTCH PROCESS where the cocoa cakes are treated to remove acidity and improve flavor. o 1847: J.S Fry recombined cakes and butter to reproduce chocolate. Now able to control the texture. First type of edible chocolate. o 1879: Nestle added condensed milk to the chocolate, smoothing it out and cutting the bitterness. White chocolate is mostly cocoa butter (pure fat with chocolate taste) o Lindt invested conching (churning chocolate to make it smoother) o Tobler chocolate make it triangle to look like the Matterhorn mountain
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Swiss are #1 consumers of chocolate with 22 pounds per year on average. Similar to Belgium o 1903:
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Chapter 12 – Chocolate - Chapter 12 Chocolate +...

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