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Chapter 1 -Textbook - Chapter 1 Textbook State Organization...

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Chapter 1: Textbook - State: Organization that posses sovereignty over a territory and its people. - Comparativisits: Poli Scientists who study and compare different states to understand how, why, pros/cons. - Political Theory: People who judge what’s best. - Comp. not worried about best, just the conditions - International Relations: Ehh, figure it out biatch - Regimes: Types of system (Democratic, Communist) o Every modern day system is a bastard of the original pure thought - HOLY FUCK BIG IDEA HERE o 1. Interests: People try to max MB and min MC o 2. Identity: People pursue ideals, beliefs o 3. Institutions: Building, agencies o Ex: Health Care in the US Interests: Policy groups, Doctors Identities: American sense of individualism Institutions: Minority congress - Modernization Theory: Belief that all systems of government will converge. o Fucking dumbasses, too many dif conditions for that shit. - Post 1970s development is all a response to the “West” - BAM! BIG FUCKING IDEA JUST ABOUT TO HIT YOU IN THE FACE! o Early developers: England, France, US, Canada to an extent Long term economic changes spurned a middle class who used social powers to demand greater say in government affairs o Middle developers: Germany, Japan, Spain Slower to grow economically, government presence needed to spark it, larger military presence and generally a weaker middle class. Pressure to develop lead to a divided class system and allowed non- democratic systems like Fascism o Late developers: Russia, China Poor, weak, illiterate countries pushed by strong governments. Communism is present. o Experimental developers: Mexico, Iran, South Africa These bitches do shit outside the box. God, I’m swearing a lot today.
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Chapter 2: Framework of Analysis Yee, I drew that. Fucking Picasso right here (PG. 16) - State: External independence and sovereign. o It controls territory and people. o Has government, laws, taxes - Nation: People divided by characteristics: Skin, language, religion - State + Nation = Nation-state, this divide is not always perfect - “British Challenge”: Industrial revolution that sparked development in Europe. All developmental responses to this boom are dependent on unique human identities, institutions, and economics resources, ect. See Modernization - People are rational beings pursuing their interests o MB vs. MC o Collective Action Problem: People of a unified group collapse due to focus on personal/self-issues. Ex: Unions, political parties Sign of Democracy is the ability to form groups - People seek to be defined by their identity o Baltic wars, Iraq o Religion, gender, ethnicity, regional o Weber’s protestant work ethic o People’s interests and identities are shaped by their institutions - Comp politics is always a scenario of alternatives o
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Chapter 1 -Textbook - Chapter 1 Textbook State Organization...

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