Chapter 5 - Germany

Chapter 5 - Germany - Chapter 5 Germany Basic outline of...

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Chapter 5 - Germany Basic outline of development path 1. 100 BC to 1800 AD 2. Modern state and nationalism (1800-1871) - Congress of Vienna 1815 - Frankfurt Parliament 1848 - Karl Marx - Otto von Bismarck 3. German unification, and authoritarian regime (1871-1919) - Kulturkampf - Social Democratic Party 1890’s 4. Weimar Republic (1919-1933) 5. Nazi in power (1933-1945) 6. Postwar democracy in West 7. Unification in 1990 8. Institutions of government 9. Challenges of today - Identities - Party politics/federal system Questions to answer: Why did the growth of representative institutions in Germany have difficulties taking root in the 19 th century? Why did the Weimar Republic fail? What was wrong with the Weimar Republic? Why did a country so civilized as Germany become a leading cause of WWI and WWII? What steps were taken (and by whom) after 1945 to ensure that the past would not be repeated? What institutions of government were established/reestablished after WWII? o International organizations such as UN, resolve conflicts without violence o Marshall Plan became a model for rebuilding other countries besides Germany and Japan after war o Basic Law constitution, outlines how to avoid authoritarian (fascism) regime, western powers came in and wrote it, only included western Germany at first but amended after unification How did German unification take place? When and where?
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Chapter 5 - Germany - Chapter 5 Germany Basic outline of...

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