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China Class - people and give them a community of...

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Difference of opinions Nationalism vs. Chinese communist drew its strength from peasants to get to power, then reversed What did communism do as a solution to problem of politilca order and economic well- being. Differnce experiements Mao won based on peasants who held small ideas of communism. Tried to create a community of understanding - Early 50s early critism, sought to have open channels, voice dissent, 100 flowers, blossom into strong society. o 1958 – Mass mobliziation, collapse of Stalin, Chinese move to less bureaucratic way of promoting industralization “Great Leap Forward” Move away from centralized planning, communes to be the basis of health care to industry o Each commune responsible for setting economic policy, activate
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Unformatted text preview: people and give them a community of understand and a role in the running of a country. Reinforce communism Campaign failure. Chinese officials discovered the communes became too individualistic. Too autonomous. Ended up with worthless economic activity - disaster. Too much power in hands of communes. Ended up going reverse, commie government centralizes all activity. Mao thought commies were not radical enough. 1966: Cultural revolution, Authority figures attacked, churches destroyed. How do we bring about communism? First communes then centralized authority, fail to work democratic centralism...
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