Class Notes - First Mid Term

Class Notes - First Mid Term - C lass #1 3 Q of Class o Why...

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Class #1 - 3 Q of Class o Why countries develop the way they do o Why the are governed as they are o Study politics without begin political - What is comparative politics o Value of comparative analysis o Craft of comp analysis o Major field of poli science Similarities and differences with poli theory and International relations - Different method and concepts o 1. Inductive v. Deductive Inductive logic starts with observation, no a priori model Deductive: Starts with implied theoretical road map, often in the form of models or abstract reasoning o 2. Quantitative/Qualitative Numerical measurements (deaths, births, # of professional models Sean Coleman has slept with) v. Qualitative (mostly small cases, interviews and analysis, good for narrative/discourse) o Macro/Micro Macro: Regime types, repertories of actions. Focus on interest, identities, institutions, mental models Micro: Indie/group behavior Often, these are combined: ex. Voting - Both models are needed for good research
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- Four characteristic of good research o Inference from inductive/deductive o Public and verifiable studies o Element of uncertainty to inference o Sabetti forgot this but I’m sure its about gelato or pizza Class #2: Sabetti Strikes Back - 3 major categories of goods: Public, private, common o Breakdown of goods depends on country/political institution o Some public goods like the ocean and environment have been
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Class Notes - First Mid Term - C lass #1 3 Q of Class o Why...

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