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Conference Notes

Conference Notes - Conference Notes Welfare State Birch and...

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Conference Notes Welfare State: Birch and Wood Welfare: Manage the economy (energy and other service) Public services to its citizens through direct government action Various interests groups were consulted 1960’s broguth change Didn’t grow as fast Wage inflation (stagflation) Not competitive Collaspe of fixed exchanged rates OPEC crisis Social poverty still a problem Regulatory state emerges under Thatcher De-Nationalize service promote private sector reduce taxes that cripple entrepeneurship Deflate inflation, less direct gov action and spending Being too generous removes incentives of life? State activities now given to secondary agency, private sector Created: Patronage (given to friends/nepotism) Results: Distrubtion of wealth inequality Elite perceptions change Elite attidues changed – takes a long time to change Elite’s opinions about the state and orthodoxy More top-down This has been seen in other states as well Steven
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French burearucracy
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