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Germany important for 3 reasons

Germany important for 3 reasons - o Mobilitize citizens who...

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Germany important for 3 reasons - Historical legacy - Federal system - Challenege of governance - Different political history than France of Britain - Late unification of 19 th century meanst Germany territory was vided maong dozens of political units similar to Italy - Germany had veloped a natonal culture but it was torn by sharp religion and economic vision - Industrailziation cam late and did not overturn old order and made things worse o Nationalism and search for identity Success of French revolution made people want to discover their national identity o Issue of language, find a simple pure German language o Representative institutions coming from workers unions - Brits and French had years to solve the problems - Years of division between Protestant ruler Catholics o Economic issues – Resistance to industrialization World War One - Hoped Germany technology would beat French and British (see
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Unformatted text preview: o Mobilitize citizens who turned against Kaizer and collapsed Weimar Republic. o Weimar republic is important because electoral politics, active citizenship, and strong civil society can work against the long term survical of democractic survival.-Problem of First World War o Tough reparations which became a source of frustration in the 1920 1930s-What went wrong with Weimar republic? o Entire rise of Hitler was not blame of Weimar, happened as a result of… Class and religion People didn’t know what to do have WW1 defeat Fragemented party system, universal sufferage exploited by different groups System too democratic for its own good Growth of military groups post WW1-1933 – President doesn’t know what to do, appoints Hitler chancellor o Belief of temporary appointment o Sense of urgency, strong man to lead the country...
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Germany important for 3 reasons - o Mobilitize citizens who...

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