Japan - Japan Geograpy of Japan o Made up of 3000 islands o...

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Japan - Geograpy of Japan o Made up of 3000 islands o Tenth most populated country, incredibly dense. 50% of Japan lives on 2% of its territory. o Very mountainous o Lack natural resources, imports all oil + gas o Very homogenous, high life expentancy o Wealty nation but high cost of living - Historical roots of Insitutitons, Identites and Interests - Tokugawa Japan 1603-1867 o Ieyasu Tokugawa miltart vicorty unifies a country that was previously divided into 260 feudal regions headed by Daimyos. o System of power where Daimyos had to travel every two years to the Edo (Tokoyo) and work on behalf of the Shogun. This restricted the position to the incredibly wealthy Also helped create a great road system and stimulate economy. Urbanisation grows in speed, which helps education. o Confucian class based society, mostly Buddist and Shintoism Samuri, peasants, artisans, merchants, Eta o Japan was very isolationist, only allowing Dutch and Chinese at Nagasaki 1853: Commodore Matthew Perry opens trade. Unequal treaties. - Meiji Era 1868-1912 o Meiji Restoration, moves capital to Tokyo. o Circle of oligarchs ( Genr o), nobility and true wielders of power o Fukoku Kyobe: Bring in Western advisors and sent Jap students to US. Big Westernization policy in everything even dress and custom
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o 1889 Constitution: Establishment of Diet o Suffrage limited to 1% of population o Zaibatsu - Brief Interlude with Democracy (1918-1932) o Tasiho Democracy: First commoner as PM, competitive party system,
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Japan - Japan Geograpy of Japan o Made up of 3000 islands o...

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