Jpan’s experiment with democracy

Jpan’s experiment with democracy - Jpans...

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Jpan’s experiment with democracy - growth of political - strength of society civil as voluntary organization - representative government World war one – German democracy is essentially imposed on it. Resnt T of Versaille Japan also upset for Treaty of Versaille, different reasons. Collaspe of Weimar/Rise of militarism Focus on (Berman) strength of assoationsim and how it can backfire Is Germany a normal country – started two world wars Obsession to be like every other country – unification people still concerned with this issues. What is a normal country? Peace loving, free, good neighbors, pushes own weight Three schools of thought on normalcy McAdams: Germans atone for the sins of their Fathers, work for consolidation of democracy in Eastern Europe. Challenge: Burden of the past was too heavy. IT would be difficult to unify countries (monetary, territorial, ect)
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Unification is an excuse to paper over factors that continued to keep Germany separate from other European countries. Theoning piece:
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Jpan’s experiment with democracy - Jpans...

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