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South AFrica - - Dutch colonize at Cape Colony. Bri tish...

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- Dutch colonize at Cape Colony. British take over in 1820 o Forced annexation of land and coercion of labor o Division into 4 groups: English, Afrikaners, Coloureds, Xhosa. o 1853: Establish legislative council. More Canadian than Indian. o Strong anti-British sentiment within races. - Boom in development thanks to discovery of natural resources. o Militias were finally crushed in the South African War (Boer war). o 1910: Union of South Africa: Consittuion adopts British Westminster (Parliament within a unitart state, plural culture as both English and Dutch recognized, blacks denied political share) - Apartheid o Union act, 1913 Native Lands Act prohibits African from buying/easling white land. (more page 465 66) - Second World War o Devides white community, growth from war, 1948 election of National Party - Apartheid Again o 1950 Population registration act o Development of homelands o Anti-apartheid is farily peaceful, Sharpeville 1960 leads to banned ANC and PAC. . Becomes more violent, Mandela jailed, sisulu too.
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o 1980s: Economic recession, whites emigrations, country feels shortage of skilled labor. o Blacks get more rebellious, State of emergency in July 1986. o International community imposes economic sanctions. - 1990 o De Klerk releases Mandela, opens country to political parties o Mass differences on how the country would be reorganized. o
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South AFrica - - Dutch colonize at Cape Colony. Bri tish...

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