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Spanish conquest 1521 over the Aztecs

Spanish conquest 1521 over the Aztecs - French attempt to...

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Spanish conquest 1521 over the Aztecs. Three major effects. Corporatism, lack of self governance, labor relations/land rights future of problems. Also introduced Catholicism. Groups exists to serve state. Lack of social mobility. Very top down. Cabildos: Municpal councils, criollos = Pure Spanish blood, indigena and mestizos Mexico breaks with Spain in 1823, consitutional monarchy. Ends quickly. War drained Mexico of resources (rich people, laborers) Once Spain left there was little experience in administration. Mexico falls into the hands of caudillos. Very unstable because huge spending in military, cut back, umeployed soldiers coup d’etat. Unsuitable for national identity or democracy. US takes advantage and steals Texas.
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Unformatted text preview: French attempt to invade in 1864, fails. Beniot Juarez bring strong centralized goernment. Continued by Diaz dictator from 1876-1911. Known as Porfiriato. Modernization, political stability, growth of economy, corruption. Mexican revolution: Demand for representative democracy and better conditions for the poor, Constitution of 1917. Zapata leads revolution. Calles implements radical ideas. Cardenas tries to end corporatism, free Mexico from other powers and make it a workers country. ISI: Mexican economic policy for growth (333) Slow to industralize, could not produce as efficiently as other countries. Growth of Mexican industry and Mexican identity Great depression spurs growth, Mexican miracle Corporatism Porfiriato...
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