A social group I onc - called TC This is a group of people and counselors that are teaching people to learn a new way of living From the time you

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A social group I once belonged to was every Wednesday there was pool league for women. I was the co-captain of the team for many years. The way the team decided who was going to be a member was to observe a person’s ability to play pool. If a player was ever needed to be replaced or we were short team players, we as a team voted on who we would ask to join us. There were other factors to think about besides abilities, did everyone on the team get along with the new girl? Was the person fun to be around (after all it was our night out to have fun with the girls), and was she responsible? The person that puts the team together is usually the captain, after that every other position is voted on, the co-captain, treasury, event coordinator, and someone to design team logos. A formal organization that I was a part of for over two years was a Therapeutic community,
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Unformatted text preview: called TC. This is a group of people and counselors that are teaching people to learn a new way of living. From the time you get up in the morning (6a.m) you are with the group. The group consists of 60 to 75 women, and you are not to communicate with anyone that is not in the TC group. The counselors ran the community for the most part, but the people that had been there the longest were considered peers. There were four stages to get to graduation and usually took anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Everything was voted on (if there was a choice) otherwise it was pretty much a dictatorship. I think after being in the community for a while you found a lot of respect for those about to graduate....
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