If+I+were+to+be+visiting+the+Yanomamo - welcome like I...

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If I were to be visiting the Yanomamo, I would have talked with people who knew the Yanomamo villagers. It would have been helpful, I think, to stay a couple of days in the nearest town gathering information. The initial shock of seeing the way the villagers looked might have been avoided, possibly. I moved to central Illinois in 2003, and it was a culture shock! It was as though I had been delivered into the 1950’s. People were smoking everywhere, in the banks, at gas stations, even the laundry mat. This was well after the smoking ban in Washington State, and I felt like I was back in time. Things moved slower also. People were not in such a big hurry to get somewhere. In the town of Canton, traffic was four cars at one intersection at the same time. My road rage dissolved rapidly! There was no one to be angry with. The people were all so friendly, and I felt
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Unformatted text preview: welcome, like I belonged. Something else that was odd to me, no espresso stands, anywhere! Coming from Seattle I was amazed that a whole community did not even know, or care about lattes or mocha’s. This was a farming community, where the schools revolved around harvests. The only area I have ever seen where the younger children go to school first. This way the older children can watch over their siblings. I think it is important to realize the differences and not make people feel belittled or like they are not up to speed with the rest of the world. If they are happy with the way things are then do not try to change things. You would only be changing things for yourself....
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If+I+were+to+be+visiting+the+Yanomamo - welcome like I...

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