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Racism Today South Africa. What do people picture when hearing those words? Some imagine vast open spaces, full of beautiful wild life, roaming free along the prairies. Or peaceful, glorious landscapes ready to be painted. The people who populate South Africa have a different story to tell, about the life in South Africa. These are the people that live with the prejudice and discrimination every day. It is hard for others to imagine the turmoil, without having to ever witness the effects bigotry has on the people of South Africa. It is easy for people to shut their eyes to things they do not witness, like bigotry, racism, and the cruelty of South Africa. According to Obi Akwani “It has been nearly a decade and a half after the end of apartheid” and South Africans are finally realizing there is a problem with racism (Akwani, 2008). This realization occurred after white students from the University of the Free State, made a racist video. This video showed the students degrading and humiliating four black workers. The racism portrayed by these students was said to be deep-seated. These students even went so far as to allegedly, urinate in the four black workers food (Akwani, 2008). In 1994 a man was fed up with his black worker, so the black man was fed to the lions (Akwani, 2008). This type of cruelty is not as common as it once was, but any act such as this should not be allowed to take place in the free world. Imagine living every day in fear, never knowing what the day is going to be like. What about tomorrow? This behavior is something most people never
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Racism+in+South+Africa+today1 - Racism Today 531 42 Racism...

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