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One deviance that I can think of is the way some countries marry girls off so young. India for example, there have been girls married too much older men by the time the girls are only nine years old. In this country we would not stand for that, and we would arrest the man for molestation or rape of a child. In India this is common practice and socially accepted. This has been a way of life even a tradition within the Indian culture. Morally we see that a child is not capable of bearing this type of burden so young.
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Unformatted text preview: I think that any time there is a crime committed it matters if you have money. If you have to depend on a public defender, you do not get the same sentence as you do with a private hired attorney. Look at the grandson of max factor, he was wanted for several rapes and there was an extensive manhunt for him. It was not publicized or even spoke of, because his family tried to sweep it under the rug. At least that is what I believe....
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