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When I think of social status, I picture Senators, Congressmen/congresswomen. I personally am so out of touch with my community right now, there really is not status in my world right now. Well I take that back! I am the best Grandmother I can be. So to my Grandchildren, I am the fun loving, storytelling, park playing Grandma that needs hugs and kisses all the time from my Grandbabies. I am one of the most boring, isolated, stubborn, and set in my fun loving crazy ways. I do not have close friends, because I have learned from the past history of my so called “friends”, that trust and deceit have similar appearances, yet one is good even awesome! While one side is evil and spiteful, and looking for ways to hurt. All because the bullies want what they cannot have, your happy life.
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Unformatted text preview: The only people I ever have meaningful conversations with are all in the family, my four daughters ranging in age from 17 to 23, and my 13 year old son, and of course my charming Husband. When you ask about school, I get swept back into a time warp or something/ someplace from my childhood, not college. I was the person that defended the weak, and became friends with the picked on. I did not think it was right to tease or belittle these people. The excuses I relieved from the “bullies”, was an empty theory that made no sense, and never was there a valid reason to cause any harm, to anyone. So in high school I made it my crusade to befriend and rescue anyone being bullied or picked on. Sometimes people just need to have someone that believes in them!...
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