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Project 3 eng106 - Fetishes and Internet Communities In our...

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Fetishes and Internet Communities In our human experience topics have been left ghastly unexplored or discussed. Reasons for this inexperience namely lie in social conventions or lack of technology. Science, an old tradition, advances its border against the lack of technology so our world’s mysteries can be unraveled and used. However, social conventions bear down great restraints on those mysteries, inhibiting growth and development. In recent years the combination of the development of the field of psychology and lack of social constraints has lead to many discoveries and exploration of practices of people left previously in the dark. Technology has also played a part in its exploration but it has also encouraged and provided an avenue for deeper practices usually considered unconventional according to social norms. However, rendering aside such social hindrance, a particular practice part of many psychological studies and practiced in the dark by people are fetishes. Usually scorned by society, objectively these aspects exist and millions of people around the world practice for a host of reason, in person or more commonly now on the internet. To dwell more upon the world of online fetishes, I chose to join a community of a particular fetish practitioners, namely those that follow the path of BDSM, however in order to not too join a very extreme group, I went with group of collectors that chronicle BDSM occurrence in mainstream media. This way I would be able to analyze a smaller group of practitioners and those with conventional lives rather than unconventional lives many members of the BDSM fetish community partake in. Through the journey, I joined a website called Brian’s page which included a simple format of discussion and links and it housed a database of all the whole community’s collection of scenes. At the end of my quest, the conclusion drawn from my experiences were that the collectors participating in the site were at most conventionally living individuals who found a community to share their particular fantasies or in this case
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fetishes. However, because of the groups’ particular collection and societal norms, many of these individuals would be shunned and out casted if their practices were known publically seen through many attacks on the site and its members, and administrators of other more public sites have chosen to discourage these avid collectors following public outcry, yet in light of the material it would be best for these collectors to be accepted and allowed to follow their fetish publically for it is a healthier for an individual with the fetish mentally and emotionally. To begin the term fetish must be explained properly and its context needs to be
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Project 3 eng106 - Fetishes and Internet Communities In our...

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