The systems development life cycle

The systems development life cycle - the programming phase...

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The systems development life cycle (SDLC) has eight different phases. System organizations allow companies to use four types of feasibility studies to analyze what solution is the best for any business problem regarding information systems. Analysts use economic, schedule, technical, and operational to establish if the company should implement a particular program, and if it meets enough criteria to become a success. System analysis examines everything with the current system to understand the appropriate requirements for the new system. The analyst can determine what functions are necessary to resolve any issue the company may have but also the requirements and any additional details necessary for the new system. System design can stipulate how the system will perform with the information it gathers to develop this new system. It deals with all the details about the necessary hardware, databases, outputs, inputs as well as other components the new system will consist of. Companies can use
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Unformatted text preview: the programming phase when it decides to create new software. The programmer analyst uses the design details and transfers the information to the computer; thereby, allowing the teams to make use of the requirements for the software. Once the system is complete, the company can test the system to ensure that it is operating properly. The programmers are in charge of testing the whole system and will determine if any syntax or logic errors occur within the system. Once the task of creating this system is complete a team of IT personnel will implement the system within the organization. The maintenance and operation phases come in handy when the system is complete and implemented. All new systems operate until there is a need for the organization to use the maintenance department to take care of any software issues that may occur with the new system....
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