dance paper - Lorienne Nseka Abundance Where the girls at 2...

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Lorienne Nseka Abundance: Where the girls at 2 Abundance: where the girls at 2, was a pleasant performance to watch. I’ve never been to a ballet performance before so I was really excited for to see what was in stored for me. The performances were supposed to show emotional and creative of feminist mystique. The first performance was the hardest for me to understand because for some reason I thought the ballet performance would be like a play or musical where the performers would dance and sing at the same time. When I realized that there was more to it than that I felt a little disappointed but I just figured that I would just have to pay more attention to the performances to understand what was going on. Listening to the songs or looking at the way the dancers move helped me understand the dance a lot more. My most favorite would have to be the third play because there was so many ways to interpret what the play meant. It was very interesting. From my understanding I thought the first play was about how women danced to their own drum and men danced to their own drum until they both intertwined and started working together. By dancing to their own drums I mean, women played the role of staying at home working while men played the role of the bread winner and then when women started working sometime the women would be the bread winner and the men would stay at home. My idea came from the fact that in the beginning it seemed that only the girls and boys danced segregated and then they all started dancing together. But there was a dancer who stayed on the side most of the time and just watched the others, I thought she was supposed to represent the women who still stay at home and don’t work. My idea of the performance sounds completely crazy but that was my best understanding of it.
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dance paper - Lorienne Nseka Abundance Where the girls at 2...

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