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econ2P91_Lab1_Winter2011 (1) - ECON 2P91: Business...

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ECON 2P91: Business Econometrics with Applications Winter 2011 Lab1 (Week of January 24, 2011) The objectives of this week’s labs are to: Demonstrate the use of the equation feature of Microsoft Word. As noted on the course outline, your assignments must be presented in typed form. Provide an introduction to GRETL (opening data files, obtaining descriptive statistics, etc.) Demonstrate the use of GRETL to investigate the relationship between two variables. As noted in class, the relationship between two variables, say, earnings and age, could be investigated graphically using a scatterplot (SW, p. 93) or numerically by computing a sample covariance or sample correlation (SW, p. 94). Part 1 Use the equation feature of Microsoft Word to reproduce the following formulas, which have been discussed in class: 1. 95% confidence interval for a single mean (SW, p. 82): ) ( 96 . 1 Y SE Y ± where Y is the sample mean and n Y SE Y / ) ( σ = is the standard error of the mean. 2.
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econ2P91_Lab1_Winter2011 (1) - ECON 2P91: Business...

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