Evolution of Global Trade

Evolution of Global Trade - Phoenicians – expert boat...

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Evolution of Global Trade Self-sufficiency: Countries are self-sufficient when they provide for all of the population withouth relying on another country for survival. e.g. Amish/Old Order Mennonite Tribal People Canada’s Aboriginal Population Communes Early Trade: 3 000 years ago Tigris-Euphrates region -oils, wood, spices (pepper very valuable) China traded silk and tea for spices from India and clothing from Northern Europe
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Unformatted text preview: Phoenicians – expert boat builders Trade Centre- carthage in North Africa Rome become centre due to efficiencies in roads, bridges and canals First Trade Regulations During Roman Empire trade was “free” as the government had not put any restrictions on it Feudal town rulers start collecting taxes Guilds form and became almost as powerful as town governments-influence economic growth, trade, profits...
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