260Fall06Ass3 - CMPS260 Fall 2006 Assignment#3(version 2...

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CMPS260 Fall 2006 Assignment #3 (version 2: changes are in bold italics) DUE DATES: Submission Sunday Oct. 22 nd @10:00 pm. F o l d e r In lab Tuesday Oct. 24 th . We are going to write a program that maintains section roster data. The user will be able to add, and delete sections: add, drop, and withdraw students from sections and request the display of selected selections. In order to maintain the distinction between a class (an instance of a course) and the classes that we will be implementing and using in this project, we will call an instance of a course a section (as in CMPS 260 section 003). INPUT: There will be two forms of input to the program. One form will be a data file that contains section roster information. The other form of input will be keyboard input submitted by the user during program execution. The roster data will be stored in the form of a text file called roster.data . At program startup, the data will be read into an array of roster objects (see the processing section of this document for a description of the roster class). The roster.data file is organized such that one each line contains the data for one record. The first record in the file contains an integer indicating the number of sections in the file. Each section is composed of one record for the section information and one record for each student currently enrolled in the section. roster.data file format: 3 CMPS260 001 25 3 Intro to Data Struct&Sfwr Dsgn kdd1315 4281 E Danks Ken jps1234 S191 E Smith Jane xyz9876 S191 W Jones Tim CMPS260 002 25 4 Intro to Data Struct&Sfwr Dsgn abc1234 4281 E Spinks Leon enp4356 6916 E Roden Tim aaa9898 S191 E Etheredge Nona tyf7823 S191 W Ducrest Frank MATH270 001 25 0 Calculus I Note in this example: Record 1 indicates that there are 3 sections in this file
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260Fall06Ass3 - CMPS260 Fall 2006 Assignment#3(version 2...

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